Amazing Sandy’s Latest Work


Raise your feet high
Say goodbye to scuffing and sliding.

Moving slowly and carefully
Past local markets with bins of produce
The colors and shapes of some I’ve never seen,

Specialty stores displaying stacks of
Mops and handmade brooms,

Rolls of fabric from heavy brocades
To light and soft like silks and cotton batiste,

Pots and pans of aluminum, iron and steel,
And Everything imaginable for the kitchen,

Hand carved combs and shoe horns,
Handles and knobs,
Jewel boxes in drawers by the register.

One of our favorites, the House of Ceramics!

A converted warehouse, with
Floor to ceiling shelves.
This is THE place for ceramics,
Elegant plates and bowls, trays and vases
Dazzle with special glazes.

A private collection of glass bottles and jars
Oxidized with time in
Iridescent hues, fill the
Etageres by the warehouse window.

Humming …as we leave House of Ceramics

What a wonderful day,
Aren’t we glad we stopped?

Watch out! Don’t Trip!
One slip and it could be a hip!

Look out for loose pebbles that might make you stumble,
Perilous pits and bits of uneven pavement
so easy to miss….

We love to shop but not til we drop.
Hold your feet high, your chest and your head.
If your tired of looking, just say so
We can go home instead…

Sandy Chaves, 2021, painting and poem

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