August 1-5 Around Town

Sunset from the window of Darryl and Angela’s bedroom.

The kids and I got a picnic at Lazy Acres. We ate at Pollywog Park and enjoyed a stroll around and chances to take some pictures. That’s Rome.



Another day at the beach with Bonnie.

Art, right!

We like the Annenburg on an early foggy morning.


Yet another day at the beach with Sharon, from the bluffs at Palisades Park.


A Happy Birthday Monday luncheon for Becky!

If my ticket to New York-Boston-Cape Cod was for tomorrow I would go. I’m set to leave September 15. FINGERS CROSSED it doesn’t get worse.

How true is this graphic? I’m not sure. Just now I tried to confirm. One source says .098% of vaccinated people will test positive, .004% will need hospitalization and .001% will die.

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