Bhutan You Can Go There

This is one of wikipedia’s pictures of the flag of Bhutan.

And here’s where Bhutan is in the world.

For so long it was very difficult to visit Bhutan, hard to get a visa, expensive, etc. but now, post-covid there has been a softening in the requirements and although you’re still better off with a guide, it can happen!

Hilda, ably aided by Merlyn, is the organizer of a club in their building, The Travel Club, and every couple months someone comes to the well-appointed rec room with a travel related presentation. This lovely young man below, (his parents reside in the building) has been living in Bhutan for +/- 10 years and shared a historical perspective, many of his experiences, and briefly outlined how one goes about visiting there. If you’re interested let me know. I’ll put the contact information here as soon as I get back from DC.

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