Yesterday I took the…

January 25

Yesterday I took the bus to Sherman Oaks, to Darryl and Angela’s place and back. It was the agony and the ecstasy, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, but mostly agony and defeat. Forty-five minutes to get there, three hours to get home.

I woke up this morning ready to devote myself to a jihad upon the dark forces of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Why WHY had they left me standing on a corner late into the night?

Fortunately having not yet gone completely insane, before embarking upon a holy war I checked the online schedule again. Ooops. My fault.

I am utterly utterly T*hrilled that it was my fault. Thank goodness. Phew. I can continue this Car-Free-LA project for a while longer and not have to take up my retirement as an activist. I am anyway acutely aware that nothing really desperate will happen to me by the good fortune of my dear family and friends still having cars!

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