The Ranch in 2023

Friday At The Ranch ’23

A white peacock Barbara hand-raised from a chick in 2009. I took the above through the mesh on his enclosure.

Although Ben and Bonnie and a few others including myself came on Thursday night, the traditional start to the Memorial Weekend at The Ranch is Friday.

A morning stroll ‘going around’. The picture below is also a piece of the walk everyone takes once-twice-three times a day.

So many decorations.

Scarlet and Bingo

Every year we have the traditional Friday night:

Everyone gathered for candles and songs.

Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melekh ha’olam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu l’hadlik ner shel Shabbat. Blessed are You, LORD our God, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to light the Shabbat lamp.

You touch the challah or touch someone who is.

Saturday At The Ranch ’23

Good Morning!

More pictures follow of ‘going around’, everyone’s daily stroll.

This is so appealing, the extensive herb garden leading to the kitchen/dining room.

Heading up to the Vista Deck and Fish Pond.

Jerry has two of these people movers now so no one has to make the arduous (read steep!) journey up by walking unless they want to. I rode, both ways. From here Jerry also took everyone who wanted to out for a 4-wheel drive to see the pond.

Barbara had organized a lovely box lunch picnic.

A view from the corner of the deck looking down on The Ranch.


Marijke walking up And down with her wolf-dog in tow.

You can always find yourself a peaceful place to read..or take a nice nap.

You know this is just one of a hundred.

I’m a sucker for these night-sight pictures I take in darkness with no idea how they will turn out.

Sunday At The Ranch ’23

The top picture is a night scene generated by my phone. It used to remind me of AI(?) as it generates pictures in the dark.

But now we know otherwise!

.These are Marijke’s shoes from when she and Bob climbed down to the stream. I didn’t go with them.

This family dining room is among the rooms that have internet and everyone who comes here sits quietly. It’s lovely, overlooking the ever-popular basketball court and ping pong table.

Speaking of dining rooms, this is where everyone gathers for breakfast and dinner. (Lunch is out by the pool.) Each evening Jerry passes out a couple of cartoons from the New Yorker for a caption contest. I am hopeless but many others contribute hilarious suggestions.

Barbara, Denis, Naomi, Rita, Bill
Brett, Samara, Marijke, Carl, Bob, Lewis, Jerry, David, Sandy
Bonnie, Lynn, Michael, Damon, Ben, Mos

Where we have lunch. There’s a nice kitchen in the pool house, a pool, hot tub, changing rooms, the tennis court is beyond the green gate.

Bill and Rita
Samara and Brett
Michael, Damon, and Mos


Naomi dances
Marijke sings in Dutch, Bob sways
Samara plays all the parts
Bill tells a story

David gives a homemade gift
Denis recites the Gettysburg Address
Sandy and Bonnie with helpers
Carl writes and reads his haikus

Lynn reads a story she wrote
Lew and Ben perform a skit on Dragnet
Bonnie and helpers lead a song

Monday At The Ranch ’23


me, Carl, Rita, Barbara, Jerry, Lynn – Sandy, Lew, Bonnie, Damon, Samara, Brett, Mos – Ben, Naomi, David – Denis, Michael, Bill

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