Central Park and The Frick

We did a quick buzz into Central Park. Central Park is big, we probably missed your favorite place, but we did what we wanted to do.

I wanted to see Alice in Wonderland and make a picture for Rome. Here it is babe!

Constructed in 1959 by José de Creeft, commissioned by Delacorte where children are invited to climb, touch and crawl all over Alice and her friends.
But First! Gotta get a dog at the park!
Bethesda Fountain, centerpiece of the Bethesda Terrace, present in the park since the beginning in the 1860s.

Check out the buildings above, the ones in the distance. Notice you can’t see the top of the building on the left. This will play into the second part of our day.


Now it’s time to talk about The Frick, currently known as The Frick Madison. Briefly, The Frick Collection has been housed in the mansion of the late Henry Clay Frick who passed in 1919. The mansion and the fabulous collection has been open to the public since 1935. In March 2021, the Collection temporarily relocated to Frick Madison, at the Marcel Breuer-designed building at 945 Madison Avenue, during the renovation of its historic building. I heard that The Frick has a 2 year lease.

All this doesn’t fully express what a monumental change the new building brought to the exhibition of The Frick’s collection. If you have the least interest at all in museums I promise you will want to click on this link to an: article from the NY Times.

No photos allowed, I got this from the NY Times article referenced above, the picture in it’s home of 80+ years and how it looked on moving day. You might think NOOO you might think YESSS but you won’t be indifferent. Do read the article before you decide.

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