Corte Home Of Independent Corsica

Our highest elevation yet.

From the car, we have often passed through villages such as this one.

A view point for the Corte Citadel where prisoners from WWII were housed.
me, Marita, Rick, Jim, Lill

We have arrived in Corte and taken a bit of a wrong turn in our efforts to find the path to get up to the citadel. The others are studying the map for clues. While they are busy trying to get higher…

…I notice that a little that way is a wine bar and a sandwich shop. It’s hot and it’s sunny. I’m going to go down there and sit in the shade!

See the photo above.
Rick sent this from one of his books, I forgot to ask which.

I don’t know…

The story of the symbol of Corsican independence copied from Wikipedia: “According to the legend, it originates from the 13th century when a young Corsican woman named Diana was captured by Moorish slavers who planned to sell her to the slave market of Granada. Her fiancé Pablo managed to free her and a battle ensued between Corsicans and Moors, during which the Moorish leader Mansour Ben Ismaïl was beheaded. His severed head then became the symbol of Corsica in remembrance of the event.”

Corte is in the mountains, a different landscape from where we’ve been.

Our glorious farewell sunset, might as well get the whole thing.

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