’05 the beginning of May and the end of June

Check over in the ‘Projects’ column in CHINA! for the rest of May and June.

It’s been five days…

June 27

It’s been five days since I decided to keep the camera and this is it – a dog (and that killer cute kid, her mom, and the dog’s man. I don’t actually know any of them.).

Holy-moley what a dog! If I was ever going to get a dog (and if you ever loved me even a little you’ll Stop Me!)…

These are oldie pix,…

June 22

These are oldie pix, here is my big sister after an eye test looking cute as ever.

As it turns out I punked out. I didn’t send my camera away. I got to thinking well, I’m going to Hawaii soon and sun, sand, and surf are about as bad as you can get for a camera, so I’ll send it away when I get back. And just use a gunked up camera. No prob. Now I should take some new pictures!

I’m going to be…

June 20 Home Sweet Home

I’m going to be sending my camera to the Service Center today for a tune-up, and to clean out the extended accumulation of on-the-road gunk.

Oh no! Photo withdrawals! I’ll be working on a ‘final draft’ of China which will be fun, but still, I lug that baby around constantly in anticipation of my Pulitzer moment. Nothing better happen while it’s gone!

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