Down By The Sea

It’s a song kids. I seem to have a tune for every expression drawing confusion and eye-rolling from the youth. I asked Leo what he did today and he said he Got Up, Got Out Of Bed, so what’s a gal to do? Did you drag a comb across your head?!

Today we had a beach party (Down By The Sea-eee)! What FUN!

Rome, Leo, Amandine, Lilly (sorry Lilly, I didn’t notice your eyes!)

Lilly’s picture. Me too! We brought a picnic cloth, a table, a couple bags of food, and had a beautiful time. The kids all ran back to the Strand for ice cream, then they ran down to enjoy the shore, and I just sat here on my comfortable seat soaking up the cool refreshing sun.

Lilly’s pictures of the lifeguard station.

Oh yeah, Leo, cute, sweet, fun, good job Rome.

Rome’s pictures. They have a treasure chest of craft supplies and we dressed up my phone Real Good.
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