Oh YES, the Might…

April 22

Oh YES, the Might Euro! And I’ve got a fist full of ’em.

I had made that mad bee-line to Lisbon (which took 3 days due to ‘the worst storm in 25 years’) because there was an American Express office there and help in times of trouble is their claim to fame, but No. No office, No agent, No help. And a local bank called for me and said that anyway American Express Portugal said that they cannot confirm an American Express Gold Card from America, so way too bad, no euro for me. Whoo, bummer.

BUT Let’s hear it for Bank of America/Visa! Really, they totally came through…they came through smelling like that delicious fragrant aroma of a fist full of euro.

I got the money And they took care of my eaten atm all painlessly for me With Many obrigadas to the local bank who made all the calls on my behalf. I am actually glad I made my way to a capital city where such things are familiar.

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