First Time In Six Weeks

That’s Oliver and his half-brother Dude. Dude is sleeping over for a couple nights – he’s the one with the spot on his head.

Due to me being away in Mexico and then returning with an ankle sprain, and on and off illness with DAR&L, this is my first chance to visit in six weeks. Awwww. Rome and I had lunch together on Friday and then we went to three fun second-hand stores.

Rome took the picture on the left and I took the one on the right…at the Same Time!


Rome had acquired all the supplies to make candles which we did, Rome, Lill, and me too. What fun!

Then the next day, on Saturday, D&A put on a party in celebration of Angela’s birthday. Liz, Gary, and Dev came in from the desert and it was delightful. Oh Yum, tiramisu, entirely homemade even the ladyfingers, by D&A.


And THEN Lilly had some friends over for a slumber party. They made this sweet treat by melting Jolly Ranchers in the microwave, then you take a grape on a toothpick, dip it in the Jolly Rancher then in Pop Rocks and then you eat it. It was a kick and you could even hear the Pop Rocks popping, but I’m failing to get the video to load in here…

Amandine, Lilly, Audrey
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