For Phillip

What’s good and what needs help.

Top of my Alex-To-Do list, wash down the front of the house! Maybe it needs painting up at the top, discolored from the old Wisteria that covered the whole area.

The Wisteria on the right has made it to an April bloom like the old ones used to do.

Geraniums in the pot on the right, The Wisteria on the left is less full than the one on the right, and those are the Butterfly Roses against the building.

Santa Barbara Daisies and the Arizona Rose Sensation on the fence. Carpet White Rose in the pot surrounded by Lantana, daisies, Rosemary, and some Pink Chintz Creeping Thyme in the distance. The four lantana at the edges of the fence didn’t make it and the three lavender in the beds didn’t make it either.

I like how the daisies creep onto the porch. That’s the Butterfly Rose behind the daisies.
Above, the feathery daisies against the fence look great.

Below, the kumquat tree is entirely yellow, the dwarf lemon is nothing but yellow sticks while the persimmon is nothing but brown sticks. They all look pretty dead to me, and they did suffer this past year from who-knows-what (sun-water-nutrients: too much or not enough or the wrong thing), but buds there are, so “we’re” going to give them another season, which is Phillip’s advice.

So much of the Pink Chintz Creeping Thyme is gone because the spots were taken over by weeds and much of the rest is stringy and brown. The Santa Barbara Daisies seem happy enough to take over the whole yard. I do want variety though, so I’ll want to replant some ground cover, and the thyme, when it’s working, looks really good.

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