Get Back on the Horse

Here we have a yellow tomato (although it looks orange here) grown in the back yard by my tenant Olivia and in front is the first persimmon(!) from the new tree. The tomato was vine-warm and perfect. The persimmon was SO sweet, the birds thought so too. I should have picked it a few days earlier.


I feel like it’s time to stop doing nothing. I like to take a picture and write a little, it’s my diary, and without a picture and a few words, well, you know. Didn’t happen. Which hasn’t been much of a problem lately since I go nowhere and do nothing. I wonder if a few mouse clicks and then picking up an amazon box from off the porch counts as doing something?

This week was different, and Good. I ate lunch with someone every day and it was wonderfully refreshing. I am faithfully maintaining covid contact tracing guidelines. We might be closer than 6′ when walking to the store but that takes far less than 15 minutes. Oh man-oh-man do I hope they don’t change those guidelines.

Elizabeth in North Carolina wrote these words to someone else and I asked her if I could have them. Of Course she said. “So often I pass places over and over then suddenly, because of a trick or blessing of light, I see them.” Isn’t that wonderful. I’m always looking for that trick or blessing of light.


A stroll on the Promenade. I was prepared to be a little bummed, but no! Many buildings were vacant, it’s going to be bad for a long time, but it was clean and tidy, and many places were trying to accommodate themselves to this reality.

Fall flowers from my neighbor and green from the park.


Jo Ann brought empanadas from Empanada’s Place. I ate them all over the course of three days. I could have eaten them all in one ‘standing’.

Nancy, Marsha, Jo Ann, Bonnie, Sharon – what a happy week!

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