Getty And Alex And Carol

Our handsome rebar trees were in good shape.

Thanks Alex and Carol for driving up. We’ve been having an interesting few months of never being at home at the same time and this might be our last chance to get together before next year, 2024.

In a little more than two months it’ll be 2024 and then less then 4 years after that it’ll be the LA Olympics. I remember so clearly back in 2017 when LA got the Olympics, I said many times then and a boring number of times since, how much I really REALLY hope to get to see the LA Olympics in 2028 since it was SO much fun in 1984.

This has been up for a while. It’s a little interesting but I’m not so into the pink curtain.

The Featured Exhibition is William Blake: Visionary, there until mid-January. Totally worth it.

From Carol, thank you!

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