Hello Kitty Sitting On Buddha’s Lap

On the left is my beloved charm of Hello Kitty Sitting On Buddha’s Lap. I’m so fond of it I don’t use it anymore for fear of losing it. So Rome had some Hello Kitty stickers and I was going on about making the HKSBL image for my phone case. Lola was over and said, oh, I can draw that for you. Really? Cool! Look what she did, a design from her own imagination!! Thanks sweetie!!

And since I didn’t take a picture of Rome and Lola, here they are at The Broad from January 2017.

Earlier Rome, Lilly, and I had a tasty Indian lunch and then went to The Mystic Eye Botanica. Rome took this picture of me, enjoying a nice rest in The High Priestess Chair.


And here’s Lilly at the Mystic Eye!

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