Hilda How Does She Do It

That’s me and my old golfing pals, usually/always hosted by Alex ‘back in the day’ when we were all working. The last one, Phil, is retiring in April. YAY. These are the guys who let me play ‘par golf’ and what fun it was. Phil, Alex, me, Merlyn.

I haven’t seen Phil in an age and today is once again thanks to Hilda for making a fantastic party, this being the second year in a row Merlyn has celebrated his 70th birthday (you can click on the link for last year’s festivity). Happy Birthday Merlyn!

From The Left
sitting at the table: Dan, Albert, Harry, Mazaud, Karen, Jim, Hilda 
in the back: Phil, Michelle, Alex, Carol, Tim, Kevin, Mo, Debbie, Joey, Erin, George, Alma, Bob, Merlyn

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