I Have So Lost Track

These are some random pictures from the last few days leading up to the wedding. I’m very thin on pictures which is why it’s been tough to put together a story. There was the huge welcome breakfast in the park for everyone in from out-of-town, mostly Peyton’s dozens of relatives who made the long trek over to Hawaii. It was lovely. We participated a little helping Christa with some preparations for the bachelorette party.

The groom’s family hosted a rehearsal dinner at another lovely park where many of the senior relatives told memories of the bridal couple, of the ‘I remember when’ variety.

Windy and I had moved over to Lucas and Betsy’s home on the 10th because they had spare rooms and Lona’s condo was now accommodating TeeTee, Halayna, and Jennifer. L&B set up one room like a bedroom of my dreams. I have some pictures of the fabulous view, where are they?!

We also did food and decorations for the bridal party getting dressed the morning of the wedding. There are seven (I think…) bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was a big wedding representative of the groom’s large family.

Here’s the BRIDE with the lacrosse shirt and balls she is giving Lilly. Charis played lacrosse for years and really loved it.

I didn’t take a single picture at the wedding or the reception or the various events because the professional was doing a great job, even attracting wildlife to her efforts. Our Disney Princess photographer! Good thing we had a professional too because obviously I didn’t focus this picture! (No time? No attention? Probably both…)

On an unrelated event, TEETEE made a FEAST! I wasn’t there to enjoy it, but wow, right?!

all Lona’s pictures:

And a few more of TeeTee and Haylayna.

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