If You Like Shapes

Wow, right. Carl invited me to the Chargers game on Sunday and I got to visit the SoFi Stadium for the first time. It had been under construction for years, in Inglewood on the site of the old Hollywood Park racetrack, just down the road from the Forum. It officially opened September 2020 but didn’t host guests until May 2021.

You can read about its construction as there’s much to say, most of it full of praise for the innovative design, environmental awareness, and technical sophistication. It’s home to the Rams and the Chargers, many annual events, and set to host the opening and closing ceremonies and several sports during the 2028 Olympics.

These are internet pictures of the outside since I couldn’t get far enough back, and the big shape is worth knowing.

From the pictures above you can get the idea and I’ll point out some details below.

Heading in.
A pano from the deck where Carl has his tickets. It’s good because it’s here that the openings in the roof bring in the fresh air for circulation, at both small ends of the oval. Notice the screen hanging from the ceiling. It’s the largest display in any stadium now. And I liked it.
Here’s a bit of one of the openings, for scale. They call the roof a canopy because it is independently supported. It feels like those canvas sails people are using now to shade their yards,
And here is where the canopy comes to ground. Notice the two types of covering, the one with holes for some dappled shade and the rest, the translucent material, covers the stadium itself. The light was lovely and bright but not such that I ever felt I needed to get out the sun screen, so good job SoFi.
The outside swoop…
…and the inside cover.
You know this scene…
…the one where the team pours out of the tunnel. By this time the noise level was deafening. I really really hope I remember to pop some ear plugs in my pocket should I go again.
Then I had to chuckle. What’s this? The line up at the gents! Ladies, go right in! How often does that happen?!
From our seats, with little head movement I could glance down at the field and up to the screen so easily I could actually follow the game and for every replay or contested call we got closeups and multiple angles. The Chargers lost but not by much and it felt like there was a chance, right up to the 2 minute mark.
When the Chargers failed to make a first down at 2 minutes we hit it for the traditional LA dash to the car. We went a couple hours early so Carl could get his special spot by the exit and we got out so easily, we were both impressed.

Thanks Carl, it was great!

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