It’s Not That I’ve Been Doing Nothing

It takes some time to get through 4 1/2 seasons of a TV show, trying to keep my foot up. Yellowstone, oh my goodness, as someone on the internet said, and I was thinking to say, ‘it’s a red-state Succession’ featuring a dysfunctional backstabbing cast of unlikable characters and their efforts to control an empire. And I can’t stop watching…

My sisters have been around, Sharon came to join me for brunch, and Persian Poetry has been happening,

I went to the doctor and got a nice thumbs up on my ankle. Patience he said, more rest, more elevation, you’ll be fine.

Fine, more rest, more elevation. Will do.

I went for lunch and a movie with Ben and Bonnie. We saw The Fabelmans and all agreed, if you like Steven Spielberg you will like this movie. We liked it.

Of the ten best picture Oscar nominations I’ve seen five so good times ahead.

We had our Monday Ladies Lunch after which I went to the Chinese Foot Massage place and it was wonderful. The guy really tended to my bad foot with hot towels and some magic balm that felt great.

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