Jackie And Shadow

I’ve been quite obsessed with Jackie and Shadow since Cynthia sent me the link some time ago. It’s a soap opera, a saga, an epic journey. You can google Big Bear Eagle Cam and get tons of enlivening information, an extended family history of the eagles in Big Bear Valley, and links to the live cam as well as the facebook page (you have to follow the page but I promise, it’s the best thing you’ll ever find on facebook!). It’s been an awesome journey and I suspect will continue to be so.

Not least of the appeal is the technology that gets you right in there in all the details of the lives of Jackie and Shadow. The stability and clarity of the camera is a marvel. The running commentary from the followers world-wide who just LOOOVE J&S, it’s so sweet, I can even overlook all the anthropomorphism and supplications to the divine.

Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

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