JFK Presidential Library and Museum

JFK Presidential Library and Museum, designed by I.M. Pei and dedicated in 1979.

The Kennedy-Nixon debates and the election returns, television featuring prominently in the displays. All the TVs were playing footage of the events and a few chairs were available in all the rooms to settle down and watch.

I was particularly taken with the live press conferences and sat through a few. Newsfolk asked questions on the topics of the day. Kennedy answered in complete thoughts, each thought making grammatical sense. Imagine that, if you still can.


There were a few displays of era specific objects.

Also there were alcoves dedicated to then current events: Bay of Pigs/Cuban missile crisis, NASA, Vietnam, Peace Corp, Freedom Riders, etc each with artifacts and TV stories you could watch.

Some Oval Office furniture. The RFK alcove was particularly interesting but no picture.
In the back, this aviary (not an aviary but what would you call it?).
The view from the back through the aviary, looking out over a small part of Boston Harbor.
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