Jo Ann and Muriel

Jo Ann, dressed up like the art project she is. Check it out: cool haircut, color-coordinated glasses and an amazing ring, great mask, admire that coat, you can’t tell how intricately tailored yet so comfortable those pants are, what..a blue and orange Watch, and socks and shoes to complete the ensemble.

We two, fully vaccinated as we are, went out for Ladies’ Lunch, almost like the old days. We went to Culver City, ordered food at the new Nancy Silverton place inside the old Citizen Public Market building, and ate on the roof. Ahhh, we were OUT. We went early and it wasn’t crowded at all, easy to keep distance and everyone I noticed was masked, although the guy at the craft beer place where we got our beverages said it gets pretty crazy on the weekend.

And then I got to see Muriel and Miss Maggie too! We had a quick and excellent walk, then a short visit, and then I headed home for a little Spanish with Rome and a zoom with a few of the Monday Nighters. It’s like I’m perfectly fine although I do still get daily wound care. Soon! That part will be over soon!!

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