Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival

Lill and I took a buzz down to Laguna Beach to have a stroll through this year’s Sawdust Festival. They’ve been doing it for 56 years now and I’ve been probably twice. Just down the road from here is the Pageant of the Masters open air theater where the participants dress up to reenact famous paintings, called tableau vivants, and it’s an even longer-running event at 89 years.

The Sawdust Festival is basically an Arts and Crafts fair on the smallish side making for an easy visit and a pretty modest price range. The venue is lovely and the weather for this day was delightfully cool.

I’ve always got my eyes out for the leopard print, the one to replace the faded one in the bedroom. Close, but no.

Ha! We walked over to one of the restaurants in the area and enjoyed a surprisingly good meal and just as we were finishing up the skies opened and sheets of rain sent most everyone scrambling. Lill volunteered to get the car and pick me up on the street. Thank you! Otherwise I would have been creeping along at a snail’s pace chanting ‘don’t fall don’t fall’.
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