Little Island


Here’s an internet aerial so you can get an overview of its siting and the scale of Little Island. It’s a highly designed space, seemingly made for crowds to move along landscaped paths with occasional stops for a selfie. There’s not much room for ‘free play‘ and the amphitheater holds only 687 people, nice for the lucky ones who can get a reservation.


One of the two entrances.
Those catawampus buildings are, in fact, catawampus!

Little Island is a vanity project of Barry Diller (from While it may be Barry Diller’s ideal park, it doesn’t line up with the needs or expectations (or budget) of most of the 8 million plus New Yorkers, many of whom don’t have access to private outdoor space and need room to walk, play, party and sprawl. This is a pretty harsh review. Many reviewers are delighted with the space. My personal impression was dominated by ‘wow, this feels expensive’.

Music! You go Lill.
Notice the tallest building, One World, next to where the Twin Towers once stood.
Looking back.
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