Lona is EIGHTY Years Old

Lona and her two young friends TeeTee and Jennifer walked from Marina del Rey to Hermosa Beach, 9.25 miles, on Friday and they walked another 9.25 miles back on Saturday. Lona, you’re 80, what an accomplishment!

Windy and I drove down to meet them at the Sea Sprite in Hermosa where we had a fabulous dinner, a too fun after-dinner party, a sleep-over, and breakfast on Saturday.

Cecelia’s picture from the morning with the balloons TeeTee sneaked into the house for a wake-up surprise.


80 candles, 80 balls and stars, 80 pieces of See’s candy, mani-pedi for 80 digits, and a selection of old photos from Lona’s youth, what I could dig up from the garage, to spark a memory for Lona to tell us stories. And all of us wearing Jennifer’s haku leis, except Lona who is wearing the lei sent by the Hawaii Browns

And there they go, off back home for their second 9.25 mile walk in two days.

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