Look Who’s Here

Bob and Desda are on a 6 week European work/vacation journey and today was our one overlapping opportunity to hang out together and we made the most of it!

We met here, at the plaza of Santa Maria Novella. We arrived a little early giving Windy the chance for some Shopping.

Once together we all decided to visit the church first.

Doesn’t look like it from the outside but following are a few pictures of the inside. Wikipedia has pages of history.

It seems I was stuck on the apse.

Somewhere else in the church.


The church is famous for their Dominican monks and the 800 year history of the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. The shoppers among us were anxious to visit this beloved perfumery. It was crowded, not so much though, shoppers could still shop! The inset is from the internet, one of the several spaces in the store. Nice!

Me and Bob not shopping…

Desda shopping, Bob attending, finding HER fragrance, which sadly could not be said for Windy who did not find The One.

I was gifted with some potions rubbed into my face to make me look Young, young enough for our outing to the BAR!


Then we ate a fun and delicious late lunch on the plaza followed by a stroll to the Duomo area, then on to our place, and then we went to the rooftop BAR, like people much younger. Here are a couple of views.

Giotto’s Bell Tower

Palazzo Vecchio

This is Bob pointing out the best tonic water Of All, and Desda showing us pictures and telling us stories of all the head honchos who were at her wonderfully over-the-top successful seminar in France the previous week.

And then it was arrivederci, buon viaggio! We went home to sleep, and the next morning we packed up and were off to the train station for our journey to Naples.

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