Meeting Some Of Michi’s Friends

We had a busy day today with activities and meeting some of Michi’s friends.

Sidni is preparing for a show of her work and there’s much to be done. The top picture is some of her paper mache pieces that are already finished and below we find Sidni in her workshop.

(Sidni Monroe Sid says feel free to write to her about her work.)

And more on the way.

After our lovely visit with Sidni we went to the old railway station where they often hold Sunday concerts.

This is the concert hall. Today’s concert featured a quartet, three strings plus piano, who played music from video games and movie sound tracks arranged by the first violin, and it was delightful.

Peeking through the crowd…

And an after-the-show grab shot of the piano player and the first violin who did the arrangements.

Then we went to lunch next door and met up with Kathleen and Falin for a very good lunch in the garden..


And then we went home to rest! There are eight units in this complex all of them very big and with the mirador on the roof and a view of the lake.
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