Merlyn is 70 Years Old

Hilda put on a FABulous festivity for Merlyn’s birthday much to the delight of the guests: me, Alex, Carol, and Erin.


We gathered at the ((duffy rental place)) to pick up a boat and glide around through the Naples canals, and feast on the picnic Hilda brought from the Cheese Addiction shop there in Long Beach. It was So Good.

Followed by a scrumptious dinner at (()).

Here we are in a focused but ultimately unsuccessful effort to read the menu on our phones.

The waiter took mercy upon us and brought paper menus. First order up – Champagne and CHEERS to MERLYN!

Erin and me, too cute.
What? Through the spotted and less than glass-like plastic sheeting of the dining patio at the restaurant. I wish I could do it again more carefully because it could be cool.


I got down to Long Beach earlier in the day and Hilda and I went for a good walk, as far as I’ve walked in one go since The Incident and then we had a quick tour of their condo remodel that is currently under way. This is (()). As well as today’s events Hilda has planned Fri: a zoom call with Merlyn’s good friends and relatives who live away followed by a super-fancy private dinner delivered by a private chef followed by cake and cocktails with friends. Sat: an outing with Raffi and dinner with some close relatives. Sun: I think there was something…what was it? SO many Happy Birthday Dear Merlyns. Oh our Hilda, you go!

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