Month End Miscellany


O Hope! into my darkened life
    Thou hast so oft’ descended;
My helpless head from failure’s blows,
    Thou also hast defended;
When circumstances hard, and mean,
    Which I could not control,
Did make me bow my head with shame,
    Thou comforted my soul.  When stumbling blocks lay all around,
    And when my steps did falter,
Then did thy sacred fires burn
    Upon my soul’s high altar.
Oft’ was my very blackest night
    Scarce darker than my day,
But thou dispelled those clouds of doubt,
    And cheered my lonely way. E’en when I saw my friends forsake, 
    And leave me for another,
Then thou, O Hope, didst cling to me
    Still closer than a brother;
Thus with thee near I groped my way
    Through that long, gloomy night
Till now; yes, as I speak, behold, 
    I see the light! the light!
I cooked some food inspired by the Monday Night Potluck.
Red cabbage with onions and applies and plenty of ginger. Blondies with a peanut butter glaze. Rice and vegetables casserole.
I have to say it all tasted better than it looks.

Alex was around for a few days fixing the floor in Olivia’s bathroom and doing a page of Thank You! for me.

He got his 18 year old truck painted. Shiny!


It’s Baby Time…welcome to Halayna! Lona sent this picture with the news – mother and daughter and doing well. So Sweet!!

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