Not Only Me

Not only me, evil covid messed with Mother’s Day for a lot of people. I’ve just been home since Friday when Lona tested positive for covid. I’m home obsessing over every symptom because of my upcoming trip. I tested negative today as did Windy. Lona was positive again.

It goes like this – Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday Lona, Windy, and I took our little road trip out to the desert. We’re in the car for hours, sharing food, breathing in each other’s faces. On Tuesday Lona started to have symptoms of a bad cold/allergies. But we’re all having allergy symptoms and we didn’t think anything of it. And then on Friday Lona is not better, takes a home test on Trevor’s insistence, and BAM, COVID.

Of the three of us I’m the only one with a second booster. I’ll be fine. No more obsessing. No more lying around!

And although I spent Mother’s Day lying around I did not want for things to eat!

Cynthia sent over a feast from the deli, just what I asked for, that I’ve enjoyed for three days now, and a year subscription to Paramount+!

And Darryl, Angela, Rome, and Lilly swung by with Oliver and dropped off flowers Angela arranged From Their Garden(!) and some tasty treats I was sure to enjoy. They made the choices based on ‘what weird things would go together.’ I laughed! We kept our distance because of my exposure and because Lilly is still positive for covid too!

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