Our Roma Norte Neighborhood

A Good Morning View in the early light.

In the vicinity of the splendid Plaza Río de Janeiro centered by this statue of David, “cast in bronze, not much more is known about it. It was placed here in 1976, presumably by the park architect, Juan Alvarez Ordoñez. The project was lead by the Mexico City government to reshape the neighborhood.”

This church is just down the block from the park and the story goes the priests were aghast at having the naked David within sight but the city prevailed and the David didn’t get covered up. They’ve got some nice windows in there.

Notice all the greenery on the apartments around the park.

One more of the grand buildings around Plaza Rio de Janeiro.


We spent a couple hours with a street artist who took us around Roma Norte pointing out pieces and telling us about the artists, the interests of the street artists of Mexico City, and some of the themes to watch for. We enjoyed it very much

Cynthia will remember about these two above because it was interesting…

A pre-hispanic interpretation of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The guide took us to this handsome building that housed a number of galleries each featuring a different artist.


There are a few square blocks in the middle of Roma Norte nicknamed La Romita. It’s the original square in the area.

The front of the church.

Around the back of the church.

Around the plaza of La Romita. We watched a dog snag one of those chickens, gone in the blink of an eye.


Some more in the ‘hood.

“The Secret Donuts Society”

Walking home.

This wasn’t meant as art but is red-paint-blood from a recent demonstration. The guide didn’t remember the topic.

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