Puffins And

The main reason I chose Blábjörg Resort was because it had a reputation for being nearest to ‘The’ puffin viewing opportunity. I’m actually wondering why that would be the main reason since I have never given puffins much thought, and I was about to miss it. But it was so close, I should go.

At first I thought oh great, this is it?
Fortunately I continued to the end of the parking lot and spotted that viewing station on the crest of the hill on the right. It was the perfect day for some stair climbing.
There’s one.

And more too!

From heyiceland.is “They seem to have very conservative family values and usually pair up with the same partner as previous years – some have been together 20 years! They raise their single chick (or puffling) over the course of summer and return every year to the same burrow with the same mate.”

Above the first one arrived back and flapped out an “I’m Home!” and the second one emerged from the burrow for some “Welcome Home” flapping in return. I spent the longest time enjoying the puffins that I had almost missed entirely.

I couldn’t catch any on the wing. Walking around they are odd and awkward, a little like…
When I first caught sight of them I said Oh my goodness puffins look like John Oliver! The internet thinks so too.

Now comes the –it Happened Event. It was fine in the end, you’ll agree, and unbelievably I only lost a few hours. Remember all those Mountains and Gravel Roads from yesterday? Driving back, after about 30 minutes I started the up up up part, but the car did not want to up up. Come on car! But no, it felt like I was driving an old VW Bus in the Sierras, 40 kph while everyone was whizzing by at 100. I figured I’d just keep going since there was nowhere to stop anyway. The paved roads are all elevated without a shoulder so I was thinking if I could make it to the gravel I’d have a place to stop.

The car did just kept puttering along and eventually the ‘Check Injection’ light came on and it became clear the fuel injectors were in a very bad mood. By then I was 45 minutes from anywhere. If I could make it the 45 minutes I could get help. And so it was! I made it to the Mývatn Nature Baths where they were holding a marathon and where the parking lot was full of tour buses. (I had been hoping to enjoy the baths but it was so crowded, imagine how it’s going to get when real summer hits.)

Blue Car Rental sent out a mechanic from the only mechanic’s shop I’ve seen since arriving (Lucky Dog Me especially since it was on a weekend!). He declared the car a goner but I was able to continue on to my guesthouse where I went to sleep and in the morning the old car was gone and a new car was in its place. Good job Blue Car Rental, they sent a driver from the airport, an 8 hour drive. Pretty impressive, right! And I got an upgraded car too, and brand spanking new.

Through the windshield.
There was a pullout for this one.
The marathon! In the far distance you can see some spouts and all the runners came through smelling like sulfur.
A stop beside the Mývatn lake.
The guesthouse host has Icelandic Horses!
Those manes are as thick as a sheep’s coat and trimmed up some. I say that because left alone the manes get much longer.
I think she has 4 or 5. These guys were out in the pasture.
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