Recovery Mode 27th-28th

Batman roaring around the Plaza Central on a Wednesday night.

Cynthia has so many fun things in mind for us to do and here I am, able to hobble a few blocks. We’ve been using taxis often to get around and it’s quite something because when you want one, there one is. I’m grateful!

This is the main church located in the central plaza, the Catedral de San Cristóbal de las Casas. (The inset is from expedia.) It’s been under renovation for some time but now it is possible to visit on Sundays.


Every night the huge plaza facing the cathedral is packed with food and craft vendors, and even a small amusement park for the kids.

We had a deeelightful massage! This is Cynthia’s picture from the window. You can see the Templo de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe up on the hill above the trees.

Cynthia asked me if I wanted to take classes at her school for a week and I was so excited to say Yes Please! Because of my ankle I haven’t gone into the school yet but I’m still hopehopehoping to make it tomorrow. We’ve been doing zoom, one teacher for the first hour and a half and another for the second hour and half. So much learning, so much fun! And just how adorable are mis maestras?!

Sunset from the balcony and the downstairs window.

One of the many dining options where multiple restaurants share a space. I’m going to tell about the places we’ve had a chance to enjoy so far.

Cynthia looked up all our restaurants so I could remember. Good job Cynthia!

Friday arriving from Mexico City: Cocoliche – Asian/Latin fusion

Saturday Christmas Eve: lunch=La Parola Café Gourmet – on the walking street, quotes on the walls, best jugo verde; dinner=our Gala Menú Especial de Navidad at El Colibrí Café & Wine Bar – Hacienda Valentino.

Sunday Christmas and BAM she’s down: Sarajevo Café Jardin – Lentil Dal and Seafood Pasta, and I have a picture of the inside mural.

Monday first day of school: Cynthia brought home food from this Korean place since I couldn’t take a step and we loved it AsiaRico7.

Tuesday and a trip to the doctor: the charming owner of this Lebanese place told us the story of his family and how they came to be in Mexico Malaak.

Wednesday: in Centro Peruano San Cristobal and the location of this photo.

Thursday and I could walk! not 100% but still YAY: Trattoria Catanzaro. I have some pictures that I’ll put in tomorrow.



Yikes! But according to the doctor it’s only a Class-1 sprain, the best case out of three.

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