Saturday At The Ranch ’23

Good Morning!

More pictures follow of ‘going around’, everyone’s daily stroll.

This is so appealing, the extensive herb garden leading to the kitchen/dining room.

Heading up to the Vista Deck and Fish Pond.

Jerry has two of these people movers now so no one has to make the arduous (read steep!) journey up by walking unless they want to. I rode, both ways. From here Jerry also took everyone who wanted to out for a 4-wheel drive to see the pond.

Barbara had organized a lovely box lunch picnic.

A view from the corner of the deck looking down on The Ranch.


Marijke walking up And down with her wolf-dog in tow.

You can always find yourself a peaceful place to read..or take a nice nap.

You know this is just one of a hundred.

I’m a sucker for these night-sight pictures I take in darkness with no idea how they will turn out.

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