Slivovitz And Wisteria

When Marija gets homemade slivovitz from back home in Croatia (this time via her sister in Germany) it’s always a big event in my life. Back in the 1990s when I visited Marija and met her extended family in Croatia I was presented with slivovitz in every home, at any hour, in little glasses on a silver tray, and it was the most sincere expression of welcome. I think of them every time we drink slivovitz.

The brother-in-law I met who used to make it all the time passed away and his son has taken over. In these two bottles the slivovitz was made by different men and the two were so different I loved getting to try both!


Even my old wisteria, the ones that died in the fumigation, always bloomed in March. Still nothing on the left.

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