Some Rando and Magaly’s Tamales

I want to remember Magaly’s. It’s out in the town of San Fernando and YUM on the tamales. There were 14 people back there that I could count, making tamales. I got four different kinds and they were all SO delicious. In particular the masa, although flavorful, was thin letting the delicious filling be the meal. You can get them ready to eat or chilled for you to steam later.


Doing a little Bloody Mary sampling around town and enjoying the differences. So far, Best Bloody Mary, not this one, the one at California Pizza Kitchen on Wilshire and 2nd. True.

Out shopping I thought, hmm, let me see what $500 shoes are like (these are the samples). There were $1000 shoes in another store but at that point I hadn’t got around to the idea of trying them on.
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