Spud and Kathy and Michael and Christy

Our mother had a best friend, Auntie Flo married to Uncle Ed. They were not our aunt or uncle but related to Mom through some distant cousin-ship that I never remember. Spud, the son of Auntie Flo and Uncle Ed is one month younger than I am, and we’ve been cousins since we were born. Michael is Spud and Kathy’s son, married to Christy (daughter Wendy couldn’t make it).

We all met up at Lona’s place for food, a walk, and a Happy Birthday to Spud.

Walking out on the jetty.

Lona’s picture – Michael, Kathy, Christy, Spud, me

Happy Birthday Spud!

I was exchanging email addresses with Christy and she sent this picture of their two sweet dogs, Clara the dachshund and Maisy the Australian Cattle Dog. Christy and Michael live in Seattle while Kathy and Spud live in Phoenix.

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