The Genesis Invitational

Lill and I were going to go to the Getty Center but Tony had extra tickets to a PGA golf tournament at the Riviera Country Club and asked us to come along and I, never having been to a golf tournament, said sure let’s go.

The logistics were impressive, they had rows of buses picking up ticket holders at the Promenade in Santa Monica and once at the venue every station, immunization card check, bag check, ticketing, was well-manned and smooth. The return was equally easy-peasy.

We went early, before the contenders even teed off so it was amazing to me how uncrowded it was and how we could walk right up to a tee or the putting green or position ourselves at the spot where all the tee shots were landing. We walked the whole time, around the entire course. By the end contenders were on the field and the growing crowds started to sit in the stands built at most holes.

There was plenty of swag, some complimentary snacks and beverage, and a few golf-ish games for the guests. There was plenty of trash receptacles and toilets too, and food and drink and souvenirs to buy. All in all a most commendable day out.

A view back to the club house at the Riviera Country Club.
They played in groups of three. Tony said this is a hard course with sand traps surrounding all the greens. It was so interesting to see the players work out the short game because nowhere was flat.
Ingalill and Tony. Tony is a passionate, weekly golfer so I could ask any question and he would have the answer.
Here’s Tony playing one of the games on offer.
One of those board carriers walks with every group showing the name of the players and their overall score in red (under par), black (over par), and ‘E’ is equal to par. This is the fourth and last day of the tournament and at this point the leader is 19 under par.
Check out that huge drone catching shots for the tv broadcast.
We were looking one way and all of a sudden there was a huge commotion behind us…one of the golfers hit a ball that ricocheted off a snack building and landed inside that circle. Much to-do ensued which included moving the ball a bit based on some rule about buildings.
I didn’t want to get in a thick crowd so I just zoomed in to a guy who was holding up his phone to video the shot. Rory made it within a foot of the green. And the crowd went wild.
On the way out, thanks guys, it was fun!
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