The Houghtons Are Passing Through

Susan and Michael

Susan is my father’s brother’s son’s daughter. I visited with them a number of times at their home in Canberra when I was in Australia and it was wonderful.

Lona rented us a sailboat ride around Marina del Rey and everyone had an excellent time.

We went on a very slow wander through the very large marina and it was fun, noting all the different kinds of boats and their amusing names. We also went beyond the breakwater for a while. Leaving we ran the motor all the way out of the marina, a noisy vibrating ride, and then put out the sails. Coming back into the marina we sailed quietly most of the way which was lovely.

Pelicans on every surface.

Lona rented the boat and captain through GetMyBoat online where, for a hefty fee, guys will take tourists out on their boats.

Our captain, Jason, set his auto-pilot for this buoy so he can guarantee the kids will see something they’ll like. Then we turned around. Jason, was mostly texting. He would look up when we said his name and say “what?”. None of us were particularly optimistic for Jason and his dream to sail solo around the world. He’s been sailing for 10 years and it seems the furthest he’s gone is Catalina.

Lona and Susan

Me and Michael and Jason


The previous late-afternoon we all ate Happy Hour at Tony P’s and it was good. As you can see we had mountains of tasty appetizers.

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