The Rules

You can click here for the Current Tier Assignments. You can click around and find the details of what each tier represents and how the criteria are measured.

I was happy when the California governor issued rules about what and how businesses could open based on knowable criteria. Sure there will be some sense of unfairness especially on the county lines – why should the store down the road be open and I have to be closed. But I think we’re better off making a plan, testing for that plan, and moving forward.

Please don’t say oh only 215,000 have died and so many more have died in car crashes and we don’t outlaw cars. Please. Are car crashes contagious? And don’t get me started on seasonal flu. Why do you think there have been ‘only’ 215,000 dead and not millions more? Please. You can google “how many would have died of covid without lockdown” and choose the source you find believable.

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