This Day And A Few More

This guy was the size of my little finger. Bang Bang Banging against the window. I waited until morning when he was so tuckered out, swept him into a kitchen towel and shook him out in the yard. Where are his friends? I hope I never know!

He’s in the kitchen window and the window is covered with plastic film from the painters. Below is a super-distorto of the living room/dining room also covered with plastic film. It’s been very weird inside, like living in an igloo.


Lill, Rick, Jim – we all went to Lill’s office where she is coordinating the big move from x number of square feet to x/3 number of square feet. It was like a fire sale at the Staples! Want this? Want this? Rick and Jim scored some cool chairs.
Ann and I had our birthday sushi lunch. We have New Year sushi lunch And birthday sushi lunch Because We Can!
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