We Are the (Vaccinated) Ladies Who Lunch

We’ve been The Monday Night Ladies for decades but we all enthusiastically agreed, LUNCH! Why not?! It’s a New World. No one would have to drive in the dark, we wouldn’t have to go to bed stuffed like little piggies, we could eat outside, and Hurray for ME, I wouldn’t have to drive across town in rush hour.

Alicia hosted first and a Grand Time was had by all. It’s the first time we’ve been together in over a year and oh yes we were happy.

Maxine, Ann, Alicia, Ljubica, Becky, me, Marija. Lourdes has moved to Arizona..we miss you and Marsha is out of town.

How cute are we? I think my hair got that way from running into the picture. That’s my story… Becky is the youngest at 64, then Marsha, while the rest of us are wellll into our 70s. Lourdes used to be the youngest. She’s still the youngest, she’s just not here.

Enjoying Alicia’s handsome back garden.

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