We Made It

After a long loong time, and one does lose track of time when traveling long distances, we made it, Venice, Italy. Just like the movies.

Our flight wasn’t until 5pm on the 9th, which means being up all day fussing around, feeling very civilized. From getting dropped off at the airport (thanks Lucas) to sitting at the gate in LAX = 7 (SEVEN) minutes. We had boarding passes, TSA-Pre, and no luggage to check. We never stopped walking! And the BA flight LAX-Heathrow was surprisingly Just Fine. The connection in Heathrow was less delightful, we were a little tired for lines, and by then we’d been awake for so long, all through our ‘night’, then we had to look forward to a 5 hour layover, a 3 hour flight, and a water taxi transfer into town.

In the Venice International Airport (called Marco Polo, I always say it twice), the below is a picture of the floor outside the ladies room.

We pre-booked the transfer from the airport to town. We got a water taxi, known in Venice as a taxi, and the ride was our first highlight of the trip. The woman picked us at the gate and escorted us to the docks where our boat and driver were waiting. They were charming, helpful, and informative.

Here come some more pictures of the ride.

By now it’s 11pm and the band in Piazza San Marco plays on!

We hauled our bags up those many steep and narrow stairs (that’s Windy at the tippy-top)… It feels like mountain climbing… Who put those bricks in my backpack?

The view from one of our bedroom windows. Today, the 10th was Windy’s birthday although we didn’t do much of a celebratory nature since we spent the whole time getting from one place to another. We will have to declare some other day her birthday!

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