Welcome To Mexico City

This is Cynthia’s picture from the Mexico City airport where every Spanish speaker was glued to the World Cup rooting for Argentina. We did run into one uber driver who said Viva France but that guy was a real outlier.

Here’s an introduction to our condo in the Roma Norte part of Mexico City bordering the La Condesa neighborhood (that says the the Countess..Oh well), not too far from the Anthropology Museum, and through pretty brutal traffic to reach the central historic district.

Our VIEW from the living room.

And the view From My Bed.

I see now, as I write this, that our first afternoon and evening in Mexico City was taken up with three dining opportunities. First we strolled around our neighborhood and came to an open air market with one whole street of food stalls offering all my favorites – street food!

I settled on this offering and it was delicious.
Ok, of course this picture doesn’t speak ‘delicious’ and you will see again this day why I don’t take pictures of food.

We went back home for a little rest and to think about dinner. We chose this place across the street from the condo, Contramar. We ordered four dishes and we both agreed they were all wonderful. Well, maybe not the uni. I ate that whole thing myself.

More reasons why I don’t take pictures of food, the potato-chorizo tostada and green juice are out of focus, the uni is broken because I already dug in, and everything else was gone before a picture came to mind.

Churros! We walked to La Condesa to find this highly regarded churrería BUT..

..this is the line down the street..

..and this is the crowd in front..
..and this is the crowd inside the store.

So we went across the street and enjoyed delightful treats from a bakery there, and then ubered home to relax from the travel day and to go to bed early.

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