We’re Going To Need

A BIGGER BOAT! Alex and Carol have decided to move on from their beautiful sleek (and dang small) sailboat, Nepenthe, to the comforts of a motorboat in the ‘trawler’ style, a boat where you can get out of both sides of the bed, and have a separate living and dining room, and an outdoor lounge with a swim deck, two bathrooms, and a Guest Room!

I visited Red Sky at its current home in Marina del Rey. Thinking I would get the pictures from the listing, I didn’t take any, but the only one still available is this one. A&C will be moving the boat to Long Beach as soon as a slip at their marina is available (keeping the name but changing the location to Long Beach “we are not Marnia del Rey people…”) and at some point selling their beloved Nepenthe, the boat that took them on an amazing many years long journey around the western hemisphere.

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