Were I Traveling

Descanso Gardens. Were I traveling I would be doing this every day, sometimes twice a day, so I was wondering if I was up for even half a day on the road. I did manage ok but I was indeed ready for a rest!

These are pictures from a few hours wandering around the Descanso Gardens looking for cherry trees in bloom. It’s a lovely place especially if you’re interested in quiet trails through mature California Oaks. You can hear the birds and squirrels scampering through the undergrowth.

But for the cherry blossoms, not so much. Not a lot of hanami going on here. I got myself under this tree just for old times sake. Cherry? Plum? I’m not sure. Their Japanese Garden has one dominant cherry tree but the last rain had taken out most of the flowers. This tree was peeking through the woods and I had to chase it down.

A couple of things to look at.

The lilac garden is interesting because they have trees that bloom at so many different times. Some were already empty of their blooms, some with flowers, some with buds, some not yet budded. The flowering could go on for a long time. Put your face in those blooms and it smells like you’re at the handmade soap stand in the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

I like this, even though it’s fake. In many of the water features the water was not moving and all I can think of when I look at still, goopy pond water=mosquito farm!


There was probably a mile of forest trails bordered by these beautiful orange plants.

And flowers! The promenade by the gift shop and on the way to the rose garden (no roses yet) offers large beds of these colorful blooms.

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