What A Relief

The service porch pantry. The two missing pulls are on the way. They are the same as I have in the kitchen.

I’ve had a ‘temporary’ solution in here for years. And I have looked every few months for an alternative. Google google google, pleeese give me an alternative, but she says ‘NO’. Fine. I’ve had this Ikea solution in mind from the beginning, all those years ago, and I decided I’d had enough looking. So here it is!

It works easily with enough space because I’m keeping one of the shelves and the boxes that ‘go’. Alex and Carol came over so that Alex could put it together thank you very much. I’m sure you didn’t think I put it together. Activities I can’t/don’t want to do: 1) get out the ladder and 2) build Ikea furniture.


The Before. Oh how tired I was of looking at this mess.

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