What Happened Last Night

At around midnight last night a huge racket coming from my front door woke me from a light sleep. Some seemingly very large person was pounding on the door and loudly attempting to disassemble the metal covers over the mail slot. It was upsetting! I didn’t imagine it was terribly serious because of all the loud noise but my heart did stop and start a few times. I went to the front door to double-check the lock and to lean against it until I could decide what to do next.

So there I was, past midnight, leaning on my front door while someone was banging away on the other side. I slightly lifted the inside flap for a peek through the slot and BAM some guys fingers were pushing through the flap so without a thought I WHACKED on the flap so hard I thought immediately Oh my goodness I’ve broken this guys hand!

Followed by silence. After a minute or two I called 911 and 5 or 10 minutes later an officer was at the door.

‘Don’t worry’ he said, ‘we’ve got the guy, he’s passed out drunk at the end of the block. 911 has received several calls as he was banging on doors up and down the block asking for help.’ ‘Well,’ I said, ‘he didn’t ask me for help.’ I asked the officer if he could check the guy’s hand considering my WHACK and the mangled mail slot, to confirm they had the right guy. ‘Oh, you,’ he said, nodding knowingly. Yup, there was blood on the porch by the door.

I felt quite sure then and now that I was not in serious danger but what with all that adrenaline I didn’t get back to sleep until after 4a.

And all day today, when it came to mind how much that hardware for the mail slot costs (oil rubbed antique brass!), and the trouble it’s going to be to get it fixed, I get a rush of 1) regret that I probably hurt that sad drunk man (I don’t regret that I did it though considering his hand was inside my house) and 2) glad it was me and not some stand-your-ground ‘citizen’ with a gun.

I was tempted to walk over to the hospital to learn more about what happened but good sense prevailed and I didn’t. Sadly he threw over the big pots by the porch and hurled my Laughing Buddha across the pathway and broke it. I’ll need another one fast! Did he do these aggressive acts before or after I smashed his hand? I don’t know!

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