What Will Happen To LACMA

Susie sent me an article from the New Yorker about the controversial project, bringing the story up-to-date I think. The article is long and full of nuance (you can click on the link) as New Yorker articles are.

The architect for the LACMA project, Peter Zumthor, created and built a spa in Switzerland. From the New Yorker:

“The project that announced Zumthor to the world is Therme Vals, the spa, which was completed in 1996. A Tetris-like assortment of plunge pools half submerged in a bucolic hillside, the baths have a seductive power. “It’s the Xanadu effect, the beauty of the remote,” one architecture critic told me. “It’s so sensual, it’s so delicious in so many ways, and it photographs so beautifully.” Zumthor’s spa is regarded as an exalted expression of regional modernism: site-specific, culturally grounded, made from local materials using traditional techniques.”

I should go here!

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