What’s Up In The Valley

I drove around with Marsha today, she drove and we survived, so I could check in on what’s happening with the valley kids these days.

First off, we got to visit with Auntie Mary and meet Katherine’s son Evan for the first time. Oh what a couple of cuties! (Katherine had jury duty, so next time Katherine.)

Oh, HI!
Look what I’ve got!
OK, gotta go.

John, Jenn, and Jordan are doing a gorgeous addition to their home adding a primary suite, an office, and remodeling one of the bedrooms. (Notice how we don’t say ‘Master Suite’ any more? Is it the Property Brothers who set the tone? Anyway, I like it.)

So I asked Jordan where we should take a picture since it should be in his favorite place, and he picked his parents’ bathroom because it’s fabulous. We couldn’t go in though because the tile is just down.

(I’m sorry Jordan, I didn’t notice your eyes were closed!)


Then we picked up some Golden Hunan and went to Kris and Kelly’s new place, admired all the work they’ve done, and encouraged them for all the work that is yet to be done, and Swam In Their POOL! Thanks guys and Congratulations!
And thanks Marsha for the drive-about and the yummy and nostalgic dinner.
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